The Project

This image made by Winslow Fegley at the start of the 20th century has become the basis for our ideas on physically restoring Wetzel's Mill.  While it has had numerous owners and many uses and modifications over its lifetime, this image is our only certain knowledge of previous appearance.  An idealized animated drone tour around a restored Wetzel's Mill is available off-site via the button below.  Help make this plan come to life.


Step One

The first step undertaken was to remove metal items which had accumulated over the years from the building interior and sawmill shed.  A recycling container was engaged to send mixed metal to the scrap yard rather than the landfill.  A tractor proved useful in moving an old stove, I-beam, and an old loader bucket into the recycling container.


Demolition !

The sawmill shed is in such a dilapidated state the only path forward will be to demolish it and rebuild. But even that rebuilding process will have to wait until the foundation is rejuvenated.



The foundation under the sawmill shed proved to be badly damaged by freeze and thaw cycles over the years and the action of flood water.  Careful rebuilding must be undertaken to create a solid base for the shed above it.

And It Starts !

April 2, 2018 the demolition of the shed began.

Inside the Building

In May 2018 activity again moved to the interior of the building with an initial cleanup of the remnants of the last occupants.  We can now start examining the building in more detail to plan the restoration process.

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