Sawmill Shed Rebuilding

The first step in the rebuild process was to get building material. Arrangements were made to secure oak logs from a site clearing project and mill them at Al Gouldey's local sawmill.


The new beams were put on a low-boy trailer and brought to the mill to be set into place.


Once the new beams were in place the floor boards were ripped to size and nailed onto  the beam system. Old style cut nails were used for authenticity.


On 16 January 2021 the flooring lay down was completed.

The roof line was determined, with the next step being the acquisition of roof rafters, support posts, and LAM beams to span the two 23 foot openings for logs and sawed material to move through.


Newly cut lumber staged for wall and roof supports.


February's snow melted and on the first day of spring in 2021 the building begins to rise from the deck. LAM beams have been purchased to span openings in front and interior of the shed.

Lam-beams have been placed and secured and now a roof rafter test for the main section of the building takes place.


Two permanent rafters were secured to the

beams, allowing tuning of the joinery for the

remaining rafters. The material for those rafters needs to be created at the sawmill, where our efforts will be directed again.

Spliced beams atop posts have been completed and secured around the entire perimeter of the building and now await rafters.


The tale will be continued!