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Image courtesy of Schwenkfelder Library & Historical Center

Restoring the Wetzel Mill

Our goal is to restore Wetzel's Mill to its 1890 -1900 era appearance and re-vitalizing the history of Sumneytown as a center of commerce and industry.

We are currently looking for help in all forms -- from donations to hands-on work rebuilding the mill. To be part of this project, or if you have questions, please reach out to us. We would love to hear from you. Together we will make this happen.

This project isn't possible without you.  Donations of any size are welcome. We accept donations by mail and PayPal.  Click here for more info.

If you like getting your hands dirty and would like to be a part of the restoration of the Wetzel Mill please contact us for further details.

Sumneytown once was a lively place of business. By acting in a timely fashion we hope to  restore a bit of history and tell a larger tale beyond this particular site.

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